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Harsha Assign (1)

Harsha Assign (1) - Introduction Like all the operating...

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Introduction: Like all the operating systems nachos supports most of the basic functionalities of the operating system, and was developed in a simple object oriented programming language (C++). The following are the fuctionalities supported by the operating system: Multi threading Multi processing File system Virtual memory Network Before we move on to these topics let us first analyze the directory structure of the operating system. Directory Structure: Here is the complete directory structure for the Nachos operating sytem. The following is the brief description on each of the directories available: Bin: - contains the executable (i.e., ready to run) programs that must be available in order to attain minimal functionality for the purposes of booting (i.e., starting) and repairing a system. Lib: - This directory contains libraries that are used by various programs and languages. Machine: - this directory encapsulates the files required by the operating system to perform I/O and manage interrupts. File system: - the files in this directory help the operating system to keep track of all the directories and files created by the users/processes. Network: - this directory contains the files that are used for the pupose of networking i.e files related to sending messages via network or files which are used to identify the system in the network. Ports: - this directory has the files which helps the users to install any new applications on the operating system. bin lib machin e filesys network ports thread s userpr ogs test 1
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Threads: - this directory contains the files which helps the operating system in performaing multitasking and processing. Userprograms: - this directory encapsulates the files which hepls the operating system to identify and keep track of the user programs executing. Test: - this directory contains the simple test programs which can be executed on a Nachos operation system. Support for Multi Threading: All the operating systems emerging these days are capable of multi processing. The best way to attain this is using the concepts of multi threading. Nachos have the capability of multi threading. The “threads” directory which is present in the root directory of the Nachos encapsulates the files which are used to support multi threading. Nochos implements some of the fuctionalities of the multithreaded OS.
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