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(Department of Computer and Network Engineering) NETWROK APPLICATIONS (Module: 16-7203) Title: Issues in Network Applications To Module Tutor: Marcos Rodrigues By NUTUKURTHI SRIHARSHA (18028918) Date: 4 MAY 2009
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The expansion of online shopping has brought huge changes in the shopping process across the world wide. As the technology is increasing rapidly in the modern days, it leads to revolution in the field of shopping by promoting it to online. As the number of internet users is on a rise, there is a need for the sellers to upgrade their businesses to attract more customers and providing them with better service to withstand the competition in this competitive world. For online shopping we need some applications such as client/server, security, middleware technologies and etc. The purchasing of products through online increases the consumer attitudes regarding security. Due to this online shopping, the internet users have been increased rapidly of purchasing the products through online. For example the business can be developed by building a website where the product information can be exchanged between the provider and the customer and make transactions using internet. By proper advertising the customers can be able to know about the online feature of the business which increases the interaction with the customers and also gives access to new customers. The online shopping saves time and money for the customers and the providers. BACKGROUND RESEARCH: The investigation evaluates attitude of the people about the online shopping. In past people had very less interest on online shopping because they were not aware about online process and the store management. Also research was done by conducting survey about the technologies used in building the web-sites which make a safe and secure transaction while shopping online. In this survey the customers are categorised into three categories: Online or frequent buyers. Browser or occasional buyer. Non-internet or non buyer. Online or frequent buyers : Here customers believe that online shopping is better than going to a store, but not for all products. Only for a certain range of products online shopping is better. Online shopping saves the time of the customer and is also capable of providing secure and safe environment for the customers. Browser or occasional buyer : This category of people only buy online occasionally and only if they think that internet is only source to buy the product that they want, and it is because they think that internet is insecure and unsafe. The people surveyed in this category occasionally visit the site to upgrade themselves with the latest products and their features. Non-internet or non buyer:
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NA ASSIGN - (Department of Computer and Network...

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