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OOps Assignment PartA - Mani

OOps Assignment PartA - Mani - OOPs Assignment Part A This...

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OOP’s Assignment Part A This document outlines how I have implemented the concepts and features of OOP’s and C++ in the programs. Each section of this documents describes the different concepts of programming. I will start this with a brief introduction on what the program the program does followed by different techniques and mechanisms used. Introduction: This program is all about retrieving the records of a student in a university. The information related to the students is stored in different text files. Below shown is a high level algorithm of the program Algorithm: ALGO1: A student enters his/her username and password. ALGO2: once the user is Authenticated he has the option to perform one of the following actions View his/her personal information. View his/her Academic information. View current subjects and marks. View his/her attendance. The scrrens for theses are covered under “Compiling and Running” section of the document. Features of OOP’s and Implementation in the program This section of the document describes in which part of the code I have implemented the related concept. Class: The class implements the most important feature of OOP’s i.e “ encapsulation”. E ncapsulation is the process of combining the data and the functions that manipulate that data. This data is refered to as “Member data” and the Functions are refered “member functions”. So we can define a class as a data structure which encapsulate Member data and Member functions. Defining a class in C++: Befor creating a class we just skeleton the structure of the class into a “ header file ”. And then we define the actula liogic into the respective “ .cpp ” file which includes the respective heade file. I have implemented the following header files and class definations: Student.h Student_Peronal_Details.h Student_Academic_Details.h Authenticate.h Member Data:
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Every class has member data defined in it. This defines the properties of a class. For example if we have class Dog { string breed; bool isDog; .
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OOps Assignment PartA - Mani - OOPs Assignment Part A This...

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