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Unformatted text preview: Project Assignment EE5360 Data Communications The purpose of this assignment is to study the operation of the interface between a computer and the internet. To perform this study the student should obtain a copy of Wireshark, available as a free download from 1. With your computer turned on, disconnect your internet connection. 1. Determine which port your computer will connect to the internet through. You can do this by starting Wireshark, then selecting Capture Interfaces. Look to see which ports are receiving traffic. 2. Disconnect from the Internet. If you are at a PC that uses an RJ‐45 connector, disconnect the connector. If your PC has a wireless interface, turn off the interface. Verify by watching Wireshark’s display that data has stopped passing to/from your PC. 3. Start data collection for the port that was receiving data. Capture Interfaces Start 4. Reconnect to the internet. 5. Verify that Wireshark is collecting data. 2. Collect at least 20 lines of data (you can leave Wireshark in data collection mode or turn it off for now. Parse (analyze) each of the first 20 lines of data to observe how your computer logs onto the network. 3. Start a new Wireshark data collection session. As soon as you start collecting data, start a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). Identify the series of packets related to logging onto your browser’s homepage and explain, line by line, the procedure your computer uses to find and display the homepage. Save and close the file. 4. Start a new Wireshark data collection session. In the window labeled filter enter tcp. With your browser, go to Select a video of your choice whose length is at least two minutes. Identify the video flow. Click on one of the messages in the video flow (highlight it). Using analyze follow TCP stream determine the following information about the video: 1. 2. 3. 4. The port number for the flow The window size. If the size changes during the video, give each flow size. The message size The number of received packets acknowledged by the receiver. Find errors in the transmission of the file. How does Wireshark tell you that a transmission error occurred? List one completet series of error messages that illustrate discovery of and recovery from a transmission error. Explain the sequence of messages. Write up your analyses in a formal report. Please submit your report electronically. Attach each of the sample files you recorded. Academic Integrity should be maintained as you complete this assignment. Each student must do his/her own data collection. Even if you use a fellow class member’s computer to do this assignment you must collect new data files. No two students may submit reports based on the same data. The Project is due before class time on Thursday, April 16. ...
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