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Ch. 2 Outline

Whiteflowers yellowvsgreenpeas roundvswrinkledseeds

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Unformatted text preview: l traits become mixed and forever changed in offspring Keys to Mendel’s experiments Keys to Mendel’s experiments The garden pea was an ideal organism Mendel analyzed traits with discrete alternative forms purple vs. white flowers yellow vs. green peas round vs. wrinkled seeds long vs. short stem length Vigorous growth Self fertilization Easy to cross fertilize Produced large number of offspring each generation Mendel established pure breeding lines P Monohybrid crosses reveal units of Monohybrid crosses reveal units of inheritance and Law of Segregation 1 F 1 F 2 Disappearance of traits in F1 generations and reappearance in the F2 generations disproves the hypothesis that traits blend Trait must have two forms that can each breed true One forms must be hidden when plants with each trait are interbred Trait that appears in the F1 is dominant Trait that is hidden in F1 is recessive Traits have dominant and recessive Traits have dominant and recessive forms Alternative forms of traits are alleles Alternative forms of traits are alleles Each trait carries two copies of a unit of inheritance; one inherited from the mother and the other from the father Alternative forms of traits are called alleles Some traits are controlled by multiple genes, while others are controlled by single genes Example…handcrossing 0 Law of Segregation Law of Segregation 0 Two alleles for each trait separate (segregate) during gamete formation, and then unite at random at fertilization The Punnet Square The Punnet Square 0 Rules of Probability Rules of Probability 0 Product rule: probability of two independent probability events occurring together is the product of their individual probabilities individual ...
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