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1 ECE 662 (Au 2009) Homework 5 Due May 13, 2009 1. Problem 7.16 of the textbook. Note that the Run signal in Figure 7.11 is the inhibit signal which we have discussed in the class. 2. Implement two additional instructions with the Example Control Unit. Recall that we have already given three instructions for the control unit: ADD addr, Add (X) , and JMP addr . You are to a. modify the microinstructions which we have discussed in the class, and
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Unformatted text preview: b. modify the logic equations given in the class for the encoder circuitry. Note that you need to add D 4 (the control step counter to have 5 bits), Write , and IMDR. The additional two instructions are: Instruction Opcode Words Register Transfer (IR 15-12 ) ST Addr 0100 2 [AC]->Addr; changes N,Z,V=0,C=0 LD Addr 0101 2 [Addr]->AC; changes N,Z,V=0,C=0...
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