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HW2 - specification 3 For the common source amplifier I...

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1. The output of the DAC4Bit with the VREF set to 1000V and the TDELAY set to 10us is below. This model gave very unrealistic values for the V(out) which topped out at nearly 1000V at the peak and seemed to have time problems. 2. The simulation for the MOSFET I-V with the transistor model set to the MOSIS ami05 is below. This was done by adding the MOSIS ami05 specifications to the .ALTER file & enabling the .ALTER command in the Simulation Setup section. The simple model is approximately the same as the complex MOSIS ami05
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Unformatted text preview: specification. 3. For the common source amplifier I picked a bias point of 1ua, this resulted in a gm=Sqrt(2*un*cox*(W/L)*Ibias)=2.651E-10 and RT to be RL||Rds. 4. For this circuit I removed the transistor and replaced it with a switch. The switches parameters are vout=.5 vin=3 ron=1E3 roff=1E8 to model the switch in SPICE. I found gm to be change in voltage over the change in current which is VGS-VDS/Δ I, and RT to be RL||rds, which is (1/RL+1/rds)^-1....
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