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ECE 341 Homework #1 Due: Wed. 21 Apr. ‘10 (Total: 20 points) Problem 1: Mr. Extra Cash purchased a 1 kW fuel cell to power on his cabin by lake Erie. He heard about your energy conversion class and decided to ask you for advices on building a converter to connect the fuel cell to his 120 V (RMS) 60 Hz ac loads. Note that the fuel cell outputs dc voltage at a nominal value of 100 V. 1) First, for the circuit structure, with all the things we learned so far, you can suggest a boost converter cascaded with a single phase inverter; Draw the circuit and explain why a boost converter is needed . (2 pts.) 2) Secondly, for a rough design, you can use the nominal voltage value of the fuel cell; If the minimum modulation index you would like to use is 0.8, what is the minimum duty ratio of the boost converter ? (6 pts.) 3) Based on 2), if the boost converter is switching at 10 kHz, and the inductor in the
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Unformatted text preview: boost converter has an inductance of 200 uH, what is the peak-peak value of the current ripple of the inductor current . (2 pts.) Problem 2 : In the following circuit, t t v a cos 100 2 ) ( = , 1 = loss r ohm, and 10 2 1 1 = = = = = C L X X R R X ohm, where loss r is the cable resistance between the power supply and load. + L jX i(t) ) ( t v a loss r-) ( t v l +-) ( t v c c jX 1 R 2 R 1 jX 1) Derive the expression of ) ( t i , ) ( t v l , and ) ( t v c ; (3 pts) 2) Use input voltage as reference, draw the phasor diagram that includes the phasors for ) ( t v a , ) ( t i , ) ( t v l , and ) ( t v c ; (2 pts) 3) Calculate the power factor of the circuit; (3 pts) 4) Calculate the power loss and efficiency of the circuit. (2 pts)...
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