ECE 341 HW4 Solution

ECE 341 HW4 Solution - Problem 1 g1848 g3404 13.2...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1: g1848 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2869 g3404 13.2 g1863g1848 ; g1848 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2870 g3404 132 g1863g1848 ;g1848 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2871 g3404 66 g1863g1848 g1852 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2869 g3404 g1848 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2870 g2870 g1845 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2870 g3404 g3436 132000 √3 g3440 g2870 10 g2875 3 g3404 1742.4 ; g1852 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2871 g3404 g1848 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2871 g2870 g1845 g3029g3028g3046g3032g2871 g3404 g466666000g4667 g2870 10 g2875 3 g3404 1306.8 g1850 g2869 g3404 0.1 ; g1850 g2870 g3404 0.1 g3400 g4666 g3023 g3277g3276g3294g3280 g3117g3119g3124 g3286g3271 g3118 g3020 g3277g3276g3294g3280 g3117g3119g3124 g3286g3271 ) /( g3023 g3277g3276g3294g3280 g3117g3119g3118 g3286g3271 g3118 g3020 g3277g3276g3294g3280 g3117g3119g3118 g3286g3271 g4667 ; g1845 g3029g3028g3046g3032 g3117g3119g3118 g3286g3271 g3404 g1845 g3029g3028g3046g3032 g3117g3119g3124 g3286g3271 , g1850 g2870 g3404 0.1 g3400 g1848 g3029g3028g3046g3032 g3117g3119g3124 g3286g3271 g2870 / g1848 g3029g3028g3046g3032 g3117g3119g3118 g3286g3271 g2870 g3404 0.109 The equivalent circuit thus becomes g1852 g3039g3036g3041g3032 g3404 10 g3397 10g1862 1742.4 g3404 0.0057 g3397 0.0057g1862 ; g1852 g3039g3042g3028g3031 g3404 300 1306.8 g3404 0.2296 g1835 g3043g3048 g3404 1 g1852 g3021g3028g3047g3028g3039 g3404 1 0.1g1862 g3397 0.109g1862 g3397 0.0057 g3397 0.0057g1862 g3397 0.2296 g3404 3.14g1505 g3398 42.4° g1848 g3039g3042g3028g3031_g3043g3048...
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2011 for the course ECE 341 taught by Professor Keyhani during the Spring '08 term at Ohio State.

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ECE 341 HW4 Solution - Problem 1 g1848 g3404 13.2...

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