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CalcBC and CalcAB ASN CalcBC and CalcAB They're "Related" Due: 11(A) and 12(B) March 2010 Read each line of information carefully. I did a bit of editing in an attempt to guide you. I. Circle and square A circle is inscribed in a square as shown in the figure. The circumference of the circle is increasing at a rate of 6 inches per second. As the circle expands, the square expands to maintain the condition of tangency (where the side of the circle touches the side of the square) . Note: A circle with radius r has circumference C = 2 and area A = . 1. Use the given information about the circumference and how it is changing to figure out the rate the radius changes in terms of . Indicate units of measure. 2. Write an expression for the perimeter of the square in terms of r . 3. Find the rate at which the perimeter of the square is increasing . Keep answer as exact value (no rounding of any kind). Indicate units of measure. 4.
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