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CalcAB and CalcBC ASN CalcBC due: Wed, 02 Dec Inverse Is Soooo Switchy! CalcAB due: 03(B) & 04(A) Dec To find the derivative of an inverse trigonometric function is a process using prior knowledge instead of more derivative rules to learn how to use. This process is regarded as critical because it utilizes many previously studied concepts. This exercise is a review of working with the inverse trig derivative and using the results. Inverse trig derivative steps: (1) non-inverse (2) triangle and third side
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Unformatted text preview: (3) derivative (implicit) (4) answer in terms of x only I. Derivative: Differentiate. Show work and the triangle. f(x) = tan 1 II. Continuity: Is the function f(x) continuous at the indicated x-values? (a) at x = and (b) at x = 0 III. Differentiable: What are the slopes of the tangents on f(x) at the indicated x-values? (a) at x = and (b) at x = 0 IV. Conflict: Look at parts II and III, look at x = 0 in particular. There is a conflict with continuity and differentiable. Elaborate on the problem here....
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