The Impact of HRM - All employees supervisors and managers...

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Running head: THE IMPACT OF HRM 1 The Impact of HRM Melissa Szopinski BUS210 Axia College of the University of Phoenix February 18, 2011 Instructor: Amber Williams
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THE IMPACT OF HRM 2 The Impact of HRM The component of the HRM system that I am going to improve is the labor relations component. After a brainstorming session, we will implement the following improvements. The first improvement step will be to start an employee recognitions program. This will consist of managers nominating one individual in each department for an employee of the month award. We will also have all the managers nominate one team of the month award and one supervisor of the month award. This step will help to build teamwork within the company as well as, show the employees that the company appreciates their hard work and dedication. The next step would be to implement an incentive program for all employees. While this also falls under the pay and benefits component, it directly effects the labor relations.
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Unformatted text preview: All employees, supervisors, and managers have a quarterly goal to reach. This goal must be attainable and set by upper management. If employees reach the quarterly goal, they will receive a check that is three percent of their annual salary. If an employee is hourly, we will take their hourly rate and multiply this by a 40-hour workweek to come up with the figure. Overtime will not be included in the figure. This incentive plan is paid quarterly to all employees who achieve their goal. This incentive plan will motivate employees to work more effectively as well as keep them motivated and loyal to the company. By implementing these steps, the company will benefit because they will have satisfied employees. By keeping employees satisfied and happy, they will be more productive, which will in turn keep margins higher. This will also result in a reduction in the turnover rate that will help reduce lost productivity due to new hires. THE IMPACT OF HRM 3...
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The Impact of HRM - All employees supervisors and managers...

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