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Psych 418 (Haley), page 1 out of 5 Psych 418 (Haley) Review for Exam III Format: similar to exams I & II o 30-35 multiple choice questions (2 points each) o Some fill in the blank o Some calculations questions (6-12 points each) o 3-4 short answer questions o Formula sheets: like before, you may label your formulas (e.g., Chi square; Correlation) but no other information is allowed. You may keep your formula sheets cumulative if you wish. o Z, t, F, Chi square tables will be provided For all short answer questions o Use bullet points rather than paragraphs o Use full sentences o Pay attention to directions (“according to lecture” or “according to text”) For all calculation questions o Keep calculations up to 4 decimal points o Round the last number as usual: 0.333333 = 0.3333; 0.33336 = 0.3334 For multiple choice questions o Choose the BEST answer o Pay attention to directionality (e.g., which of the statements IS true vs. which of the statements is NOT true) Be sure to review and remember the order of math operations! TOPICS: The logic of an experimental design o Goals of a research design (to increase the effect of the IV & decrease error!) o Error variance (definition) o Sources of error variance o Ways to handle (reduce) error variance o Difference between boundary conditions and confounding variables (example) Between subjects designs (definition, lay out design, advantages & disadvantages) Threats to internal validity (study both notes and text)
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2011 for the course PSY 418 taught by Professor Haley during the Spring '08 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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Test 3 Review Sheet - Psych 418 (Haley), pag e 1 out of 5...

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