Chem Final Review

Chem Final Review - Screntr Frc F,leth ed obseRvcttr'on...

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Unformatted text preview: , Screntr Frc F,leth ed : obseRvcttr'on, fl,/pofhest 5, €xpe?trnen+ |:> theoRy t drt€v n pt to eYplar o wl''ltl r't Ytappen€d ) b \ C,lW ( su.t w\tvlari te wl'-rot yr aPp(ned ) ,Sl UnitS; ifnpOclonr prefi,1eS" Ktlo(to3),cenl-i (tvL), rnrcro[ro+) ,fianaIo-1) PiCo( tO-t',) o ftcturotv c\csenes s , ke crsion: C\oSeness . s\gnr'fr'canr F guPes- last 6trgrt = uflLerfftr'n- COunn rtg: decrnnol- rfrul lrpiicar'oo divrstor\- Oddrfion * dect rno t + ' : sarnc Sr"t ltl-rGcfion . rl0r'l ccftvePStons : '. sc,t rne tJS€ e{tri rnu^ I It ply i . Te fnpepAtLrpe * cJen:,t\/ ' 11rr9SS (c h.,ctracteristlc progcr\ ) L7 c= $ -zzl1s/a) vo\urne . ff\lXtL.{re ; Fre t€- rOqencCrttS I horn o3e nCor"tS L) t=*ar3l- s8rrt'o.'-) V= 7 + Z13"f b ' physr'cal cVrange I cV-t€rrzlr'cat chcx^3e . LoW Of COnseRVGfi'on O+ rnoSS : fle rth€P Cre a+ed noP clest poved r Law op de€nr*e proportl'oos- ..l:)g?:?rd irj":"?r rhe scrme ProPo(*rbns o€ . Lqr^V 0F fnLr tfi p\ e frOpor-tr onS : il/hen lw6 e t'€me^6 €oern cL S€tzI'€S eF i,g- N O * NO cornpovtn ds, the rafi'os o{ the rnoSS{S of W)e Selond q.[tr"rn<nt thott fsrnk)ifi€ wtt-le one ltl"l3ru:ib3Q=ry=Lgr0rnocthefirSr€\ementcanatWay5be' lq.lSu:?ZgO = o."{{0b25 i"<duceO to Srrrerll whole- nL'{r1'rbLrS 1-o-t<> stonclaed e oc.h otff'-k Qresent asTa(t e le F* , st'iP 7?(o3' Lount r-s end obsent -a stqrt @ rr $Yrt, slcrP Z(Y oS' Cour']t l-o cod tr as \r crs r "dqt1^ dg i'9 fr-g: tt I ' the e nd, 8i? a.-* oF de c irnat Plcce 5 crs tf as t Y51((nce StClftt"r-lentS ancl 6Jivtd< sD Unl'fS t0rlce \ o\)+ . i SOIDIXS ' 0t0rn5 w r'th lhe sorn e n u n4 b<-P 0ur.nkleRl oC n€'.iflzons o€ ppc+<>rls bi.,r+ dr'f€eeent chorrSe : Prolons- eteC.trzcnS eterncn+ Sy rn Vco t ' !x' A = n6rss f,- : prOtOnS f ne\^ truns ?= QtOrnic ts,. pro+c,ns Q= X= I rnole cule: fbvr.ed b1 covdlenl bonds 'fo' -.^to vtnr't: €orr..'r"-q by ronrc bo.rcl (o..,iong I ccrtroncg) " pe rrQclrL +<rble ( otfoti rnetors; OtKor'ne tar*n rnetots; chorco3rAs ; hotgens., n$J&rl ' N0rn I n3 rorr rc Cornp<c.rndS L> cqhc>n t qnton .+ €lennent roo.t-rde i"e. SOCIr'ulnn+ Chlorifi€ t 5Odr'rtrn c-krlorr'<;te btfonsificn rneidts need nurnb<? Fe Clz = t ron( tr ) cl^rro rr cle Fe Ci3 = [roO ( rrr) chron.cle c NOming Lov ole nt C or'-,po..,nd_S L? €irst €lern<ot: flome , s€cond: \iEe oor'.,.. r preGxes i e . NzO di ni*ro3en rno nov r'cAe NO nitrogen rnorroXr'Cle NzOs di ni*ro3cn pe'nt oxrde "ActdS Con\,.7 vn.hcn ci "tur'e oi,<s ) b without q:xySen : hYdro-root r'C ocrd CttCt = rrydrodntorru acid) bwi'th oyvSen:cthe +ic \'te _2outs tH2So.i=sulpt-r.,'t- c;tcr'd Hz-SOt = Sutt C.-,rrs.15 a..,a ) OfOmtc rnqs5 ' \Ne i qhted OVer dga o C I sc +12 pes lf rnass oC \23 o( 'tC = f .UboS.{ ,tc'27 rS + inversc oQ one rno\ e = G.ozzx lcf3 bl,.':?...
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2011 for the course CH 115 taught by Professor Jones during the Fall '08 term at Stevens.

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Chem Final Review - Screntr Frc F,leth ed obseRvcttr'on...

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