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After reading Nicolas Carr’s article form 2003 I somewhat agreed with him. While he says that IT is now so cheap and so accessible to everyone that it does not give a competitive advantage that’s true. But not everyone in an industry has the capabilities to use a computer. While these companies are spending all kinds of money on IT they also need to bring in a younger work force that can use this technology to its full potential. So a business that has a lot of people working there who are ready to retire most likely will be at a technological disadvantage compared to a company with a bunch of kids fresh out of college. So you still need the right people so you can have a technological advantage. One Statement made within this article is about the over spending that companies do when it
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Unformatted text preview: comes to IT, which I agree with. Companies spend so much nowadays on IT when people only use a few programs to conduct their everyday business. Most people use word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, and the internet to conduct their business throughout the day. So why are these companies spending millions on all these IT upgrades when all you really need are the basic functions of the computer. Although I do agree with this article I still feel that technology can give you that competitive advantage over everyone else. I just don’t feel that companies should be spending so much on upgrading their systems all the time when as stated earlier, people only use the basic functions of the computer to complete their work every day....
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