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Discussion Question 3 - solved and it also makes the...

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RESORT TO CRM 1.) Before adoption of the CRM system ResortCom faced challenges involving massive amounts of e-mails being sent to the company and some of these e-mails were not being responded to. The reason being is that some e-mails could be answered by the call center but sometimes the issue would have to be sent to the specific department to be resolved which would take sometime. 2.) The benefits now of ResortCom compared to its prior situation is that it ensures “no one drops the ball” as problems are transferred from one person in the company to another. It also makes people more accountable by sending reminders to them until the problem is
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Unformatted text preview: solved and it also makes the problem traceable through the system so you can tell who was responding to the problem. 3.) The company reduced paper usage by 90% because everything is now saved electronically, now they don’t have to create paper documents. When a paper document does come in they scan it into the computer and save it. 4.) Other advantages of electronic records besides saving paper, is that you take up less space inside your office because you don’t require a bunch of filing cabinets anymore. You also will not be wasting ink anymore to print and fax things....
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