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The aspect of this computer evolution that is of most interest to me is how everything switched from hardware to being software. It amazes me that everything use to be about hardware and it would take people forever to build a computer before Steve Wozniak came up with software for his computer. Software is what turned a computer into a personal computer, now you could have a computer capable of a bunch of different tasks rather than having a huge computer capable of one task. Software made it more productive for companies as well, every person in the company would now have their own computer to
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Unformatted text preview: work off of rather than the company having one huge computer that is not nearly as productive. What amazed me the most about Steve’s personal story is the fact that he never attended a college to learn computer programming. He was just naturally good at programming and figuring this kind of stuff out. He did get copies of textbooks from his friend at MIT but it is still amazing that he was able to teach himself how to program and build computer and be successful at it. He seems like a very intelligent person and seems to have a real passion for computers....
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