aeneid book 9-12 notes

aeneid book 9-12 notes - • Revenge • Contrast in...

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Book 9 – compare/contrast the attempts of Nisus and Euralys to Diomedes and Odysseus Nisus and Euralys – Trojan spies – volunteer to sneak out only to find the entire Latin army asleep – slaughtered the captains – Euralys takes the Latin captain’s helmet as a prize – Euralys captured after caught with helmet while Nisus escapes into the woods – both are killed – FAIL o Naïve – just wanted to be recognized – motive appears to be selfish/overall attitude – lack of experience o Virgil sets them up for failure – greed is bad – greed/lose focus Diomedes and Odysseus – SUCCESS Parallel attemps Book 10 – compare/contrast Aeneus to/with Achilles
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Unformatted text preview: • Revenge • Contrast in numbers • FATE • Achilles – constant rage – excessive killing – distracted – less mature – hubris/excessive pride • Aeneus – more rational rage – killing but not excessive – more honorable – more mature • God/Goddess interference Book 11 – the role of Camilla • Strong female warrior – elevated to goddess (?) • Downfall – distracted over shiny armor – greed (?) Book 12 – Breaking of the truce • Agreement – winner would get Lavinia • Troy fated to fall – gods needed to intervene – The Attack – The Wounded – The Pursuit...
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aeneid book 9-12 notes - • Revenge • Contrast in...

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