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Stevens Institute of Technology College of Arts and Letters HLI 113F- Western Literature I: Classical Fall 2010 Tuesday (B219), 5:00-6:50 pm /Thursday (B219), 5:00-5:50 pm Name of instructor: Daniel Sweetman Office: M322 Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-5:00 pm, or upon request. Email address: [email protected] Course description: Readings in great books of western literature. Representative texts include works by: Homer, Sophocles and Virgil, and readings in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. Goals from CAL statement of mission and goals applicable to this course: 1) Students will develop an increased awareness of cultures and societies other than one’s own. 2) Through the assigned essays and presentations, students will improve writing and public speaking skills. 3) By being exposed to the historical context that surrounds the works that we will study this semester, students will increase their love of learning for its own sake. 4) Through group discussions and peer critiquing, students will develop leadership and team skills. Course objectives: As a result of taking this course you should be able to: 1) Place literary texts in historical context. 2) Analyze WHAT and HOW texts signify. 3) Write a coherent five part essay and orally discuss literary works. 4) Understand the relevance of literature throughout the centuries. Students will become familiar with several primary texts of Western literature, as well as some critical commentary about them. Students will also improve their writing skills by responding to portions of the text through critical analysis. Students will also actively participate by engaging in dialogue with fellow classmates during classroom discussions. Students will also demonstrate their writing and research capability through the completion of the final six-eight page critical essay on a topic of their choice approved by the instructor. Required print texts:
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fileuploadsdsweetmaSyllabus HLI -113F Fall 10 - Stevens...

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