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Nestor – honor and respect – gives respect to the younger warriors – in the funeral games, he advises Antiochus(son) on how to win the chariot race Paris – Cowardice – doesn’t pull his weight in battle – doesn’t follow the code of honor of the other heroes(emphasized by his use of the bow and arrow) – self-centered and preferred not to fight Achilles – full of pride(significant flaw) – extremely emotional – motivated by sense of pride – can’t control his rage
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Unformatted text preview: Hector fights out of a sense of responsibility to his city and his family sense of duty initially was opposed to the war Agamemnon greedy an incompetent and irresponsible commander only concerned for himself and manipulates people and situations for his own benefit Odysseus alternative kind of hero to Achilles not overcome by pride exhibits self-control as opposed to the lack of it in Achilles and Agamemnon...
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