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HSS 141 Spring 2011 Introduction to Sociology Prof. Yu Tao Assignment 1 The Violation of Social Norms Due : Feb. 1 , 2011 (post to eLearn before class); accepted online till midnight Feb. 5 with point deduction (one point off every day) Purpose This exercise asks you to violate a norm and write a report about the experience. The objective of the exercise is to determine the extent to which norms influence behavior. Thus, you will want to pay particular attention to the reactions of both YOURSELF and OTHERS. Guidelines 1. Select a norm that is common in our society. 2. Break the norm in a setting where others are present. 3. Observe the reactions of others and yourself, both verbal and nonverbal. 4. Record those reactions as quickly as possible. 5. Write up a report as instructed below. DO NOT cause harm to yourself or anyone else. DO NOT break laws or cause anyone else to break the law. DO NOT do anything that is legally or morally questionable (e.g., dressing in a way to be suspected to be a terrorist or breaking institutional rules, including class
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2011 for the course HSS 141 taught by Professor Tao during the Spring '11 term at Stevens.

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Assignment%201%20Instructions-1 - HSS 141 Introduction to...

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