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Compare and Contrast - Sinclair1 Victoria Sinclair Mr Young...

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Sinclair1 Victoria Sinclair Mr. Young Eng 111 07 October 2010 The American Dream vs Affirmative Action Dr. Martin Luther King, an activist in is time, marched for human rights, which includes marching for peace, equality, and justice. He marched for everyone who was being discriminated against no matter who you were or the color of your skin. Mr. Shelby Steele a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and an author who wrote several articles who believes that affirmative action is just a distraction. Bothe men had similar views that blacks were and are entitled to have a good education and hope in the American dream; However, they had different views when it came to blacks standing up for themselves. To have the American Dream is to have ever equality, proper education, freedom of speech and not having to suffer from racism such as black did in the 60’s. Dr. Martin Luther King was an activist who supported these dreams. He had a dream that all men would be created equal. He also shared similar views and some differences with Mr. Shelby Steele. They both feel
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Sinclair2 strongly about education but have different views about affirmative action. Dr. King was a man of non-violence. As an activist he lead peaceful marches to demonstrate his cause. He believes
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Compare and Contrast - Sinclair1 Victoria Sinclair Mr Young...

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