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Test 3 Review Guide - HRM Test #3 Review Guide For the...

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HRM Test #3 Review Guide For the group projects, unless specifically noted, the test will not ask for specific numbers or percentages. However, you should have a general idea of these numbers in order to comprehend the facts. Group 1101 – Controlling Employee Theft o Employee theft causes more damage to a stores profits than shoplifters o Stores with few part-time workers and low employee turnover have the least amount of losses in merchandise and profits due to employee theft o Background checks can help, but they are not always accurate o One reason to prosecute is to warn other employers so that when an employee applies to a job, that employers will be aware of his or her theft background o In a poor economy, lack of salary increases and the threats of downsizing make it tempting for employees to steal. o Ways to reduce employee theft Install security systems – employees fear being caught so theft decreases Zero-tolerance policy Set goals for inventory shrinkage Reward good behavior and punish bad behavior Remove temptations such as cash Group 1102 – Creating a Better Work Environment o Many top executives believe that it is vital to have an excellent work environment. It not only increases employee morale but it also helps with productivity. o Studies discovered that people who have fun on the job are more creative more productive better decision makers get along better with co-workers fewer absentee, late, and sick days o Happy employees are more loyal and productive. Happier workers were 12% more productive. Unhappier workers were 10% less productive. o Six reasons that fun can improve work quality and mental health: Fin breaks up boredom and fatigue Fun fulfills human social needs Fun increases creativity and willingness to help Fun fulfills the need for mastery and control Fun improves communication Fun breaks up conflict and tension o The benefits to having fun can be measured by comparing the absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover rates pre-program implementation o An employee satisfaction survey can reveal how employees feel about their jobs, the company, and company culture. o Company activities can teach employees how working together as a team can be fun and productive
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o The use of fun and humor in the workplace must be appropriate in nature, when and how it is used. The humor should not be offensive to the ordinary or responsible person Group 1103 – Implementing and Enforcing Dress Codes in the Workplace o Supervisors and higher executives need to follow the dress code so that the people working under them can follow by example o Reasons to instate a dress code safety and hygiene to enhance the reputation and image of a company to help curb the possibility of distraction in the work place to decrease the chances of sexual harassment claims to enhance the cohesion of a company o By federal and state law, reasonable accommodations must be made for an employee,
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Test 3 Review Guide - HRM Test #3 Review Guide For the...

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