Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2 Review - pertinent research data o Df o Are...

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Chapter 2 Review Ethics in marketing research: o Marketing researchers are facing numerous ethical issues at every stage of the research process. o They have to balance rights of number of people/stakeholders. o Best way to obtain VALID info during <MR is to win their trust… there can be no trust without ethics. Ethical issues can arise from various sources: o Management o Budget constraints o During MR process (design, field studies, data analysis) o Marketing researchers personal issues o Client confidentiality must be respected Code of Ethics o Selling or fundraising under the guise of conducting research is prohibited o Research integrity m,ust be maintained: avoid misrepresentation and omission of
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Unformatted text preview: pertinent research data o Df o Are formal codes useful? YES. Empirical evidence tells us that if we have and enforce the codes, researchers and other involved parties behave more ethically • Research Process – definition ( steps are all interrelated, not just sequential) • 10 steps in the research process – first two steps are critically important o 1 st – justify the need for MR project o 2 nd – define the research objective ( what and why we want to find out. . get answers from the decision makers) • Primary vs. secondary data o Priumary – collected directly from consumers o Secondary – readily available • Editing and Coding •...
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Chapter 2 Review - pertinent research data o Df o Are...

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