Chapter 3 Review

Chapter 3 Review - they perceive our product Experimental:...

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Chapter 3 Review Exploratory vs. conclusive o Exploratory Key informant Focus group Secondary data: fast and inexpensive type of ER Case study : can examine in depth different units of interest (customer, website, store, salesperson, etc.) Observation ER is widely used: companies of all sizes and in all industries, non-profits, etc. o Conclusive Descriptive: examine associations Ex: if we collected demographic profile of our customers and asked them how
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Unformatted text preview: they perceive our product Experimental: necessary to make causal inferences about variables True Panel: same sample of respondents used over and over in longitudinal studies How do we choose the most appropriate type of research; depends on: o Nature of the situation o How the decision maker perceives it o How the researcher perceives it...
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