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Chapter 4 Review

Chapter 4 Review - Internal vs External Syndicated...

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Chapter 4 Notes Secondary vs Primary Data o Secondary Collected by a person other than the researcher Collected for some other purpose than the one of the current study Less time and cheaper than primary data Can be used to determine various info: demographics, retail sales, changes in market share, market potential, etc. Syndicated data o To evaluate the accuracy of secondary data ask yourself 3 questions: who, why and how o Sources of secondary data Original vs. Secondhand
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Unformatted text preview: Internal vs. External Syndicated secondary data sources • Purchased from research firms • Costs less than primary data • E.g. Nielsen • Ad-Hoc Research Projects o Situation specific o Conducted as a response to a specific research question or a set of questions raised by the decision maker o E.g. marketing decision support systems Scanners at checkouts • Marketing Information Systems (MIS) *DEFINE* •...
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