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Exam #2 Study Guide: Chapter 9: Validity of a rating scale: the extent to which a rating scale is a true reflection of the underlying variable being measured Reliability of a rating scale: measures how consistent or stable the ratings generated by the scale are likely to be 4 types: o Nominal o Ordinal o Interval o Ratio Non-forced vs. forced choice scales Balanced vs. unbalanced scales Likert scales Semantic-differential scale Stapel scale Chapter 10: Non-structured vs. structured Dichotomous question Multiple category question
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Unformatted text preview: • Response category content: how should we design the content question? • Response category sequence: rotation—why? • Question types that we should avoid • Sensitive questions • Sequencing of questions • Pretesting Chapter 11: • Population vs. sampling frame • Census study vs. sample study • Probability sampling vs. non probability sampling • Types of probability sampling techniques • Convenience sample • Parameter vs. statistic • Sampling error...
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