Information on injured spouse forms 8379

Information on injured spouse forms 8379 - Refund Offset...

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Refund Offset and Injured Spouse Page 1 of 12 Refund Offset and Injured Spouse (edited transcript) Female Speaker : Now, it is my pleasure to introduce to you today Gladys Roberts. She comes to you from the Austin Service Center, and she’s going to present the Refund Offset Injured Spouse presentation, and she has that program at home. [Applause] Gladys Roberts: Good morning, everyone. And welcome back to the 2010 National Tax Forum. It is a pleasure to be here today. I am here, as Rita said, from the State Of Texas. How many of you are enjoying the forum so far? [Applause] Good, great, good. Glad to hear that. And my objective today is for this presentation to be both informative and interesting. I hope you’ll enjoy it. My presentation covers refund offsets and injured spouse. I will also touch upon manual refunds today. I do have Gail Sharp on the panel, who is called a ‘SME.’ We have a lot of acronyms at IRS. She is a subject matter expert in injured spouse, and she will be answering the questions on the floor. So if you have questions at the end, please come to the two mics that we have. Okay, as you can tell, I’m excited to be here today to discuss this subject because I am very passionate about this subject. I’ve been a part of this program in many different fashions. I’ve worked this program as a customer service representative. I taught lessons on this program. When I was an analyst, it was my program. As a frontline manager, I was a coordinator for this program, and as a department manager, it is one of my specialties. So I don’t know if this program has followed me, or I followed the program, but nonetheless, we have been together for a long time. And that’s why I’m glad to be here to talk to you all about it today. Before I begin, I have to forewarn you again that we have a lot of acronyms at IRS, and this presentation is no exception. I’ll give you a few of the common acronyms that you will hear me refer to in this presentation. You may want to take a couple of notes to note these acronyms. Okay, the first one is FMS. That is the Treasury Financial Management Service. The second is TOP, T-O-P. That is the Treasury Offset Program. And now I have another acronym. Is there
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Refund Offset and Injured Spouse Page 2 of 12 anyone here that does not know what IRS stands for? Internal Revenue Service, all right. Okay then, let’s get started. I’ll begin by explaining what a refund offset is and why an offset occurs. Now, the words ‘offset’ and ‘apply’ are used synonymously in this presentation. So the question of the day is, “What is a refund offset?” Let me tell you, we have a huge library of reference materials by which the IRS governs itself. And one such set is called Internal Revenue Code. Of course, we have yet another acronym for that. Can anyone guess what the acronym for Internal Revenue Code is? All right, you guys are good. We’re looking for a few good men and
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Information on injured spouse forms 8379 - Refund Offset...

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