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college essay - Brooke Morgenthaler College Essay 5/6/09...

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Brooke Morgenthaler College Essay 5/6/09 People that know me well would say that I have no emotions or feelings. At one point in my life this statement would have been considered entirely inaccurate. However now, it is a completely different story. I was a victim of high school bullying, and it shaped me to be the person I am today, a determined, unique, strong individual. Although the experience I went through was traumatizing, I am truly glad that it happened because I would be a completely different person today, and for the first time in three years I am satisfied with whom I am. Before I was victimized, I was an average teenage girl. I was emotional, sympathetic, and I cared strongly about others opinion’s of me. I was an open book, and I certainly wore my heart on my sleeve. That is until during my freshman year when I was abandoned and ostracized completely by every single one of my close friends. It felt as if a dark plague was cast over my life and I was miserable at every waking moment. I felt that I had used up all my tears and emotions and that was why I did not feel them anymore. After what felt like an eternity spent alone, I was determined to start over and make new, trustworthy friends. However, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to allow myself to trust new
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college essay - Brooke Morgenthaler College Essay 5/6/09...

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