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Test 1 study guide - 20:27...

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20:27 The first test will cover the following: Stone-Ages and well-known artworks produced during the periods; the three ancient cultures: Egyptian, Greek, and Roman culture, with  representative artworks in each; You need to-- be able to recognize contrapposto; remember the inventions of these different people; give interpretations of various artworks discussed in class—you don’t need to  remember the exact dates or time they were made; but need to be able to know  from which culture or country a piece was made, as well as during which  historical or art historical time period.  contour/outline; directional line;  Mass/Form; Primary Secondary Complementary color harmony Texture: surface quality (actual or visual; implied) • Impasto/glaze Pattern (regular repetition)
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Test 1 study guide - 20:27...

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