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MAE 100 MATLAB homework #5

MAE 100 MATLAB homework #5 - MAE 100 Introduction to...

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MAE 100 - Introduction to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Arizona State University MATLAB Homework #5 - Arrays The purpose of this lab was to familiarize students with MATLAB’s built in array functions. In future classes, students will use MATLAB to generate large amounts of data. In order to save the generated data, arrays will be used to store information. In later classes such as linear algebra you will learn about the properties of matrices and vectors. For this class you will not need to know these properties, just the syntax in MATLAB. Problem 1 Consider the Ideal Gas Law again. The law states, = PV MRT Eq. 1 where P is the pressure of the gas, V is the volume in which the gas is contained, M is the mass of the gas, R is a universal gas constant, and T is the temperature of the gas. For air, R = 287.06 J/(kgK). Consider a compressed piston assembly that contains 1 kg of air. A diagram can be found below in figure 1.
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