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MAE 100 Top-Level Schedule Rev 0

MAE 100 Top-Level Schedule Rev 0 - Learning Experience...

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MAE 100 Fall 2010 Date WK Lecture Session Lab Session Active Learning 16-Aug 0 None LAB 0--Teamwork 23-Aug 1 Course Overview MATLAB 1 30-Aug 2 MATLAB 2 6-Sep 3 LABOR DAY MATLAB 3 6-Sep 4 LAB 1--Team Building 13-Sep 5 20-Sep 6 LAB 3--Team Testing Springs Test 27-Sep 7 Conceptual Design Trade Studies Car Decision Matrix 4-Oct 8 Gear Trains 11-Oct 9 LAB 6--Build/Test Cars Teams work on cars 18-Oct 10 Mid-Term Exam LAB 7--Build/Test Cars Teams work on cars 25-Oct 11 LAB 8--Car Races Race Cars 1-Nov 12 Solving Complex Engineering Problems MATLAB 4 8-Nov 13 MATLAB 5 15-Nov 14 Design Case Studies MATLAB 6 22-Nov 15 29-Nov 16 Course Review and Final Thoughts Jeopardy Game 6-Dec 17 Jeopardy Game and Review Note: Final Races will be scheduled later Select Teams, Boat Building Engineering Profession and the ASU
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Unformatted text preview: Learning Experience Introduction to Design, Teamwork and Project Management Mandalas, Team Conflict Discussions Design Project Description and Project Planning LAB 2--Proj Plan, Requirements Gantt Chart Reqts List Design Project Pre-Concept Phase and Concept Options LAB 4--Team Decision Making Preliminary Design Modeling and Optimization LAB 5--Parametric Dsn, POC Testing Engineering Communications, Product Realization "Thinking Like an Engineer" and the "Missing Basics" Using Your Textbook to Get Ready for the Sophomore Year Meet Students, Professors and Practicing Engineers OBSERVE THANKSGIVING DAY...
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