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343_Michael_Thornton_Paper - IPS Implementation and Network...

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IPS Implementation and Network Security Challenges Michael Thornton Strayer University
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The ability to proactively monitor network resources has become a top priority due to the rapid proliferation of cybercrime, Zero Day attacks and other forms of corporate espionage. The primary network security mechanisms are firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IPS/IDS), VPN services and signature based inspection engines like Norton anti-virus (Ciampa, 2009) . When these hardware and software solutions are combined they provide a robust multilayered security posture. A layered security approach is paramount in today’s fast moving economy and recommended by major vendors. In most organizations the perimeter is the first line of defense. Therefore, Eastern Warehouse Incorporated has decided to upgrade their information system with robust intrusion prevention systems. The company would like to implement host and network based intrusion prevention systems to secure business operations and intellectual real estate. Nevertheless, they have hired a security consultant to implement, design and facilitate Cisco products throughout the enterprise. The mission critical network consists of 50 branch offices connected to a highly redundant MPLS backbone. Therefore, they will need IPS modules installed in all routers connecting back to the datacenter. The primary objective is to identify and mitigate malicious activities as specified in the finalized security policy. Most recently, management decided to purchase a highly recommended intrusion prevention system.
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343_Michael_Thornton_Paper - IPS Implementation and Network...

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