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Sheet1 Page 1 Jack In The Box® Oreo Cookie Shake If you live in one of the 15 Western states served by Jack in the Box, you have no doubt cracked a gut from the hilarious TV ads produced by this popular hamburger chain. In the spots a suit-wearing "Jack" runs the company, even though he's got a bulbous antenna ball for a head with a giant smiley-face painted on it. He has a private jet, plays golf, even has kids with mini antenna-ball heads. Jack also has a featured shake flavor that, it turns out, is very easy to make at home with a blender, ice cream, milk and a handful of Oreo cookies. Sure the drive-thru is convenient and easy. But if you don't feel like getting out, now you can
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Unformatted text preview: enjoy this clone at home from the first fast food chain in the country to use a drive-thru window way beck when. 3 cups vanilla ice cream 1 1/2 cups milk 8 Oreo cookies 1. Combine the ice cream and milk in a blender and mix on low speed until smooth. Stir the shake with a spoon to mix, if necessary. 2. Break Oreo cookies while adding them to the blender. Mix on low speed for 5 to 10 seconds or until cookies are mostly pureed into the shake, but a few larger pieces remain. Stir with a spoon if necessary to help combine cookies. 3. Pour shake into two 12-ounce glasses. Serves 2....
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