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Sheet1 Page 1 McDonald's® Arch Deluxe® In 1996, McDonald's set out to target more educated tastebuds in a massive advertising campaign for its newest burger creation. We watched while Ronald McDonald golfed, danced, and leisurely hung out with real-life grown-up humans, instead of the puffy Mayor McCheese and that bunch of wacko puppets. Supposedly the Arch Deluxe, with the "Adult Taste", would appeal to those dancers and golfers and anyone else with a sophisticated palate. But let's face it, we're not talking Beef Wellington here. The Arch Deluxe is just a hamburger, after all, with only a couple of elements that set it apart from the other menu items. The big difference is the creamy brown mustard spread on the sandwich right next to the ketchup. And the burger is assembled on a sesame seed potato roll (which actually tastes very much like your common hamburger bun). Also, you can order the burger with the optional thick-sliced peppered bacon, for an extra ka-ching. Okay, so the plan hasn't
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McDonald's« Arch...

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