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Sheet1 Page 1 Waffle House® Waffles It was two friendly Atlanta, Georgia neighbors who got together in 1955 to build the first Waffle House in their eventual 1200-restaurant chain. With the dimpled breakfast hotcake as a signature item (and this is 3 years before IHOP was founded!), the privately-held chain grew into 20 Southern U.S. states. Today tasty food at rock-bottom prices, plus 24-hours-a-day service, makes Waffle House a regular stop for devoted customers any time of the day or night. And don't even think about referring to your server as a waitress they're called "associates." For the best clone of the 45-year-old secret formula for these waffles you really should chill this batter overnight in the fridge as they do in each of the restaurants. But, hey, sometimes you just can't wait, right? If you need instant gratification, the recipe still works fine if you cook up the waffles the same day. At least wait for 15-20 minutes after you make the batter so that it can rest and thicken a bit. That'll give you time to
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