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Krista Morelli Anthropology 150 Quentin Lewis 22 January 2011 News Article Assignment One In the article published by The National Geographic Daily News on December 23 rd 2010, it was reported that an archaeological discovery made in northern Peru uncovered the skeletons of 82 children that bore evidence of slit throats and chests cut open. The children are believed to be members of the Muchik people, who inhabited the northern coast of Peru between 100 and 900 AD. The find has been a work in progress since 2003, under study leader Haagen Klaus. After more than seven years of discovery and research, the 82 skeletons are said to be the earliest evidence of ritualized
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Unformatted text preview: mutilation of children that has so far been seen in the South American Andes. According to the article, the Muchik people might have believed, according to their faith, that children were conduits to communicate with the supernatural, and began the blood-shedding rituals as a sacrifice to their gods. This archeological find is arguably important to the understanding of lifestyle and culture of ancient civilizations. Roach, John. ""Chilling" Child Sacrifices Found at Prehistoric Site". National Geographic Daily News 23 Dec 2010. 22 Jan 2011
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