Initial thoughts on paradise of the blind

Initial thoughts on paradise of the blind - ridiculous...

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Lee 1 Insuk Kevin Lee Dr. Ellen Boccuzzi South and Southeast Asian Studies R5A 23 November 2010 Initial Thoughts on Paradise of the Blind Paradise of the Blind introduced me to many new concepts that were foreign to me, especially the concept of Communism. The protagonist lived in an era of Viet Minh leadership and through her flashbacks and recounting of her mother's stories we can witness firsthand the consequences that the Communist reforms brought onto people of every class. People who owned even a little piece of land were denounced heavily against for 'exploiting' the labor class and the peace and harmony that existed in every village was shattered by this government's attempt to falsely categorize all of the working class, which as a whole was poor to begin with. Villagers, uneducated as they were, took all of the denunciations of the reform leaders and started hating those whom they had been friendly neighbors with just days ago. When it turned out that the change was creating havoc and unrest everywhere and the government ends the
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Unformatted text preview: ridiculous reform, there remain scars that will never be removed. Many that survived through labor camps come back home battered and the peace and harmony will never be fully restored. It was also interesting to note the details of Vietnamese culture, which the author is much familiar with. The bustle and the busy scenes of the market where the protagonist's mother worked at all her life were portrayed vividly. It was disheartening to realize the living conditions of the children of lower class families, as they floated their playthings in the dark muddy pool of water and wandered around the village with other equally hungry kids. The description of the variety of Vietnamese cuisine and treats especially lured me to travel to Vietnam to learn more Lee 2 about their culture and to simply walk around these markets, where the author herself used to run around with her friends....
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Initial thoughts on paradise of the blind - ridiculous...

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