Paper #1 - The Judgment - Lee 1 Insuk Kevin Lee Dr. Ellen...

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Lee 1 Insuk Kevin Lee Dr. Ellen Boccuzzi South and Southeast Asian Studies R5A 25 September 2010 Judgment: Measurement of Social Standing Hearing on the news about adultery committed by a highly respected government official or CEO of any corporation would strike us as shocking. We would wonder if it really is true, what the circumstances are behind this story, and it usually takes another confirmation to accept the reality of the news. However if the same story was about a person living in the basement of a flat, making enough to not go hungry, we would more easily accept it without question. It is, without a doubt, an unfair and biased judgment but this is how we perceive things. The difference lies in the social status of the two individuals. It does not matter that the poor man is virtuous and philanthropic or that the respected official is in fact corrupted and devious. The external appearance, people's perception of who you are, determines whether your peers will pass judgment against you. Similarly, in Chart Korbjitti's The Judgement , one's social standing, however it may have been achieved, is of great importance and is directly related to the judgments that people make. As an illustration of the correlation between social status and judgment, it is useful to trace the deterioration of Fak's own social standing and the implications of this decline. At the start of the novel, Fak is at the apex of his respectability in the society. He embodies the qualities and characteristics that are socially desirable for a young man; he is diligent, hardworking and faithful to his familial duties. " 'Why can't you be like Fak? If you was half as good as he is I wouldn’t have to worry anymore' " (Korbjitti, 13), the villagers would scold their children. These
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Lee 2 favorable traits are further enhanced when he is to be ordained a monk, a position that is highly respected in the society. However he decides to disrobe at the last moment, leaving behind the prestigious path of life he could have led and instead working by his father's side, keeping his
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Paper #1 - The Judgment - Lee 1 Insuk Kevin Lee Dr. Ellen...

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