Paper1-The Judgment

Paper1-The Judgment - Insuk Kevin Lee Dr Ellen Boccuzzi...

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Insuk Kevin Lee Dr. Ellen Boccuzzi South and Southeast Asian Studies R5A 25 September 2010 It is easy to assume that our society is nearly perfect because we take everything for granted and are ignorant about our surroundings. We tend to forget about the few who do not adapt well to the society and go our own ways. There are, of course, those who sympathize and take pity on the outcasts of society but it is hard to come across someone who actually goes out of his or her way and lends a helping hand. Unless we reach out we will never find out about the story behind their misfortune, which might as well have been caused by you or me. In Chart Korbjitti's The Judgment , Fak walks this life of a complete social outcast. There are many factors to his downfall but one of the principal causes is the intrinsic vice in human nature. Even amidst a simple and deeply religious village there exists vice that makes it impossible for the community to look beyond Fak's misunderstood actions. It is only fair to also take the villagers' perspective on Fak's actions before blaming them for their ignorance. Everybody in the village once held Fak in highest respect but as Fak's father dies and Fak has to take care of Samsong, trouble begins to arise. Samsong, insane as she is, starts to claim that Fak is her man, causing rumors amongst the villagers who are not aware of her insanity. Soon everybody takes these rumors for granted since Fak never comes out to clarify his situation regarding Samsong. Some say that if Fak had come forward and explained himself,
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Paper1-The Judgment - Insuk Kevin Lee Dr Ellen Boccuzzi...

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