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CS3 Orientation Quiz - and it's a good Idea to use it...

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CS3 Orientation Quiz Insuk Kevin Lee 9-9-10 1. September 25th 2. 20 points. You would lose 20 percent of your grade. You also do not want to put off because there will be a long line for tutors to check off your work and you might not get all the points for the PAQ. 3. I plan to do my work every week and come to the Self-Paced Center every Monday to get my programming assignments checked off and finish the quizzes. I also plan to go whenever I have major questions or help regarding the material I am covering. 4. I can find the tutor schedule on the top right hand corner of "http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~selfpace/class/cs3s/resources.shtml"
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Unformatted text preview: and it's a good Idea to use it because then I'll know what time during the week I can go in person to ask for help. 5. There's a possibility that there will be a lot of people waiting on the deadline day to turn in work as well and this might end up bad and I might not get my work checked off, etc. 6. I have to bring my blue book, a printout of my programming assignment or alternatively my laptop, notebook, and questions to ask. 7. I must sign up for a tutoring session at least 30 minutes prior to closing time and the quizzes are stopped handed out the last half hour before closing time....
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