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Spanish skit - drinks 10 They both twitch 5 times =...

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Setting: LA Fitness Characters: Dona Laura: Payel Petra: Annie Juanito: Jusuk Don Gonzalo: Kevin Yoga, bailarina, amiga de Dona Laura: Sneha Amigo de Don Gonzalo: Ramy Joven Dona laura:Nimisha Joven Don Gonzalo: Philip 1. Dona Laura running on treadmill 2. Petra comes with water bottle and they start talking about Tiger Woods and his affairs 3. Petra leaves to talk to gym trainer (lover) 4. Don enters with Juanito 5. Don sees his treadmill taken, gets angry 6. Juanito talks him into going next to Dona 7. They start takling and Juanito goes to yoga instructor (lover) 8. As Juanito and Petra go to their lovers, they see the lovers flirting with each other. Juanito and Petra confront lovers, decide to break it up = beginning of something new between Petra and Juanito 9. Back to treadmills; arguing about economy, other subjects. Decide to calm down and drink energy
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Unformatted text preview: drinks 10. They both twitch 5 times = something to relate to. Decide to leave. They go to the changing rooms. Freeze scene. 35 years back. Jovenes come in New scene Couple comes into LA fitness holding hands Dialogue on treadmill: Joven Dona: "Oh! I'm gonna miss you!" (Don has tennis tournament in Australia) Don meets bailarina and falls in love Dona is lonely, tries to kill herself with pills. Normal time-Don mentions Nina de Café-They realize they were old lovers but can't get together because Don has a wife(bailarina)-They leave, say good Scene goes back to Petra and Juanito-beginning of new love-lesson: love will last WRITE YOUR PARTS ASAP BY THURSDAY...
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