The Embalming of Mr Jones

The Embalming of Mr Jones - Kevin Lee Period 3 The...

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Unformatted text preview: Kevin Lee Period 3 1/20/10 The Embalming of Mr. Jones Comprehension 1. In the early days of American embalming, it was performed in the home of the deceased and therefore some relative stayed by the embalmer's side and witnessed the process but nowadays family members are dissuaded by the funeral director from being in attendance. 2. Mitford likens the embalmer to a surgeon and this is a flattering analogy because usually surgeons are of highest medical profession with great honor and reputation. 3. First, you take out all the blood, and the veins are replaced with embalming fluid. Then a thing called trocar, a long, hollow needle attached to a tube, is inserted in the abdomen and all the entrails are pumped out and replaced with cavity fluid. Lastly, various adjustments are made to the face, hands, skin, etc, to make the dead presentable to the public. Purpose and Audience 1. Mitford's purpose in this essay is to let the public know about the processes involved in embalming because in the present day, the information about this process is not well known and people are misguided...
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