The Physics of Rock Climbing Lab

The Physics of Rock Climbing Lab - Kevin Lee Ray Pang...

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Unformatted text preview: Kevin Lee Ray Pang Period 5 The Physics of Rock Climbing Lab Investigation ♣ How can anchors be set up so that they reduce the danger for the climbers? The purpose of this lab is to allow students to learn the uses of vectors and its components such angles, magnitude, etc. The lab includes weights, rope, and anchors to demonstrate the use of vectors to simulate a rock-climbing environment. Through the lab, students are able to increase their knowledge of vectors and how they can be used in real world situations.Today and yesterday we were able to see how mountain climbers attack the problem of safety and how they minimize the risks. By using various types of ropes and anchors to simulate real life safety precautions. Initially, we tested the strengths of various angle measures of two- point anchors and how they would be able to support a person in case something breaks or goes wrong. Afterwards, we tested the rope at various heights and how that affected the anchors. Lastly, we tested how the anchor setup would affect climber safety. Method For Anchor Systems 1, we used our protractors to carefully draw and extend angles so that we could derive accurate measurements from our data. Afterwards, we attached the slings at the prescribed angle. We made sure that the two anchors were at parallel points in order so that either anchor would not take more force than the other. We then carefully attached the weight onto the safety system at the various angles and recorded the measurements. Afterwards, we carefully measured twenty and ten centimeters respectively down from the initial height. We then took down the measurements for those and recorded them as well. In Anchor Systems 2, we made the four different arrangements of strings and parts. We then tested the string failures, anchor failures, forces, self-equalization, and weighting during failures. Afterwards, we ranked...
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The Physics of Rock Climbing Lab - Kevin Lee Ray Pang...

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