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Who killed benny paret - impact has changed today since...

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Insuk Lee Period 3 Who killed Benny Paret? Comprehension 1. Mike Jacobs say people come to see a prizefight to see the knockout and to see a man hurt. Cousins agreed with him. 2. The cause of Paret’s death was from a massive hemorrhage in the brain. The investigators considered the referee should have stopped it but the primary responsibility lies in the audience. 3. Cousins believes that it is futile to investigate the referee’s role because they are the ones who have the right to stop the fight. 4. The point is that people will do anything to see someone else get hurt. Purpose and Audience 1. The thesis is people come to prize fights to see men get hurt. 2. Paret’s death did not impact its audience much because that’s what they wanted to see. The
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Unformatted text preview: impact has changed today since death shocks people nowadays. 3. This essay is aimed at boxing enthusiasts to tell them that they are the ones responsible for a boxers death. 4. Cousins expects his audience to agree with his thesis since it is the point he is making. Style and Structure 1. Cousins includes enough detail to convince readers by explaining how why the boxers and referees arent responsible for the deaths. 2. A referee who stops a fight too early causes the audience to be disappointed in their show. Goriness causes the audience to become alive. 3. Cousins tells his readers what to believe in. it is effective because it reassures readers of his point....
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