Affluenza - our constitution. According to source B, all...

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Kevin Lee Mr. Moran English 4 AP Period 3 16 November 2009 Money, power, and wealth are the standards of living now. Ethical, moral motives are forgotten and a person is no longer commended for his good deeds or a good sense of morality and ethics. The apex of materialism is here in our American society, and nobody seems to object to this hollow competition for money and power. the wealthy, of course, have nothing to protest about, and the voices of the rest of the population is shrouded and hidden underneath the supreme political powers of these "nobles" in society. Affluenza, a relatively new term, fits perfectly in our society; it has many uses in everyday conversations, media, etc because it perfectly portrays the American attitude on money and its capitalism. many claim that these seemingly-idle pursuits after luxury are justified even in
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Unformatted text preview: our constitution. According to source B, all men have a right to pursuit of happiness. If an individual is not happy with what he/she has, it is justified that the individual buys more things to achieve a better degree of happiness. this affluenza, the spread of compulsive buying and shopping, can be a harmful thing. However, according to source C, the cartoon shows situation of American affluenza. the couple lying in a bedroom full of luxurious things are not satisfied and in this way the American capitalism and materialism can be said to have been overdone. Even though the source a justifies the pursuit of happiness, and the wills of people. however it may be necessary to limit these affluenza to people who are wealthy and with much power....
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Affluenza - our constitution. According to source B, all...

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