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Practice Questions Psychology 111 060 Exam 1 Winter 2011 Multiple Choice: 1. Which of the following is not one of the stated goals of psychology? a. describing how people and animals behave b. understanding and explaining the causes of behavior c. predicting behaviors and reactions across certain situations d. promoting cross-cultural normative responses across situations 2. The idea that people repress painful memories and anxiety-provoking thoughts is most closely associated with the ______________ approach to psychology. a. psychodynamic b. behaviorist c. fundamentalist d. humanistic 3. A dependent variable refers to: a. The variable that is manipulated by the experimenter b. The variable that interacts with the independent variable that makes it difficult to understand the true effect of the independent variable c. A variable that is held constant across the experimental conditions d. The variable that the experimenter measures, and believes will change in value as a result of the manipulations in the study. 4.
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Winter11Psych111Practice1_1_ - Practice Questions...

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