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Additional Practice Problems—Note that the final exam will have fewer problems 1. A sociologist is concerned that the recent spike in foreclosures may lead to an increase in violent crimes. As evidence, he presents 2007 data on foreclosure rate and murder rates by state. 10 states are chosen at random with the following data: State Foreclosure Rate Murder Rate Arizona 15.2 7.4 Connecticut 8.3 3.0 Florida 20.0 6.6 Michigan 19.5 6.7 New York 4.9 4.2 Oklahoma 5.2 6.1 Oregon 5.4 1.9 Tennessee 9.8 6.4 Virginia 5.1 5.3 Wisconsin 4.9 3.3 a) If we calculate SP xy = 68.163, SS x = 340.16, SS y = 31.53, what is the regression equation for the data predicting murder rates from foreclosure rates? Interpret the regression coefficients a and b. b) Calculate the Pearson's correlation coefficient r. c) Conduct a hypothesis test with α = .05 of the sociologist's claim that higher foreclosure rates are associated with higher murder rates. (For the purposes of computing the standard error of the slope, RSS = 17.87.) What can we conclude from the test? d) What percentage of the variation in state murder rates is explained by the linear relationship with state foreclosure rates? e)
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final+exam+practice su2010 - Additional Practice...

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