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IntegratingQuotations - No even the ones who might find it...

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Integrating Quotations Casie LeGette Engl 124.031 There are lots of different ways to integrate quotations smoothly into your own writing. How you work with quotations depends a lot on how long that quotation is. There are different methods for integrating a block quote, a sentence, a phrase, or just a word. Remember to only use the parts of a quotation that you will address specifically in your analysis. You can select particular sentences or phrases, or remove parts of a larger quotation that seem less useful. Just replace what you’ve removed with ellipses (…). If you need to add or replace a word in a quotation in order to improve the flow of your sentence, put it in square brackets [], so your reader can easily tell what you’ve changed. Here’s the example we’ll work with today: Wherever Junior Lee is sneaking, it ain’t to a single house in this place. Ain’t nobody over seven and under seventy that desperate.
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Unformatted text preview: No, even the ones who might find it challenging to try to tame a good-looking, no-good man wouldnt come within a mile of Junior Lee. Hes driving that Coupe de Ville Ruby bought him beyond the bridge to where some unsuspecting woman aint heard of the way May Ellen died. Where they aint had a nights rest broken by them piercing screams echoing from that brick house on the edge of the south woods. Uh, uh, them that believes in roots and them that dont, all know that child died a painful death. And that is fact enough to leave anything Ruby says is hers alone. (162-3) Choose a sentence or two and introduce them as you would in a paper. Choose a phrase, and write a sentence in which you integrate the quotation into your own sentence. Choose one or two words and integrate them into a sentence of your own....
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