Lecture+11 - Biology 109 Ecological Knowledge and...

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1 Biology 109 Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Problem Solving Dealing with Uncertainty Uncertainty of measurement of interpretation of conceptualization The nature of uncertainty Good, formal definitions for measurement systems Consider laminar flow versus turbulence Turbulence behind an obstacle In turbulence, motion can be described as a stochastic process, meaning that it can only be described in terms of probabilities. The further apart two particles are, the less correlated their motions become.
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2 Random vs Systematic Error Random- the average error is zero Systematic- the average error is + or – (e.g., your bathroom scale is off by 2 pounds) Errors of Estimation • Counting error • Measurement error • Indirect estimation Facts and Theory Assisted Facts Importance of • Cross calibration using different methods • Application of fundamental theory: First Law of Thermodynamics, Mass Balance, Conservation of Energy or Charge • Application of Probability Theory Probability Theory:
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Lecture+11 - Biology 109 Ecological Knowledge and...

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